Monday, March 19, 2018


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We can make you more awesome

People may laugh at Gen Y, with its collective eye-thumb glued to a smartphone. What are they doing? They're on the Internet! Researching your business, probably. Some 2-D photos and a business address might be a start, but it doesn't tell hungry Internet users whether they'll like your place. There are some very important factors that the cool kids consider before they choose a restaurant:

•Is the lighting suitably bright/subdued?
•What's the decor like?
•Is the clientele the kind I want to hang around?
•Are the tables wobbly?

A Jumping Spider Design Virtual Tour can answer all these questions (except the last one). What's more, with the power of clever photography and digital 'enhancement', we can create the ideal image to suit your target clientele. 


How does it work?

We can visit your restaurant/café at a time you choose. The timing is important, because you want to capture the right mood. A busy night would be an obvious choice, because people, being social creatures, are attracted by a fun looking crowd. Alternatively, you might prefer a relaxed Sunday afternoon. You could even have both (for an extra photography fee of $100).  

Next, the images are 'stitched' into panoramas and the restaurant/café's menus added. We can upload menus in the following digital formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .psd, .jpg, .png.

The process will take approximately one week. When it is ready, you have two options:
1. Receive the finished files on a CD or via email ready for uploading to your website.
2. Have them hosted on jumpingspider.com.au (for an additional $50/year). If you don't have a dedicated website, this is a good option.


1x360° panorama (of your most important area - the main dining room usually).

2xlinks to digital menus (A dinner menu and a drinks menu, for example).

This offers all the visual impact of a full tour, but at a lower price.





3x360° panoramas (main dining room, courtyard, street-level view, for example).

4xlinks to digital menus (breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, plus a drinks menu, for example).

Amazing 'fly-throughs' from one panorama to the next (This feature is only available on Flash-enabled devices, which means 'not iPhones/Pads').